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Long-Range & Urban Planning

The comprehensive plan captures the vision of the community’s future, and outlines the steps necessary for implementation. It includes data on trends in economic development, education, employment, population, and housing in order to determine the future growth and needs of the population. The implementation goal of all plans should provide for an enhanced quality of life for all residents.

Click below to access the 2017 Marcus Comprehensive Plan


In 1979, the Iowa legislature enacted the Urban Revitalization Act giving Iowa cities the authority to designate an area or areas of the city as “urban revitalization areas”. The Urban Revitalization Act, Chapter 404 of the Code of Iowa, is intended to encourage development, redevelopment and revitalization within a designated area of a city by authorizing property tax development incentives to the private sector. Qualified real estate within a designated area may be eligible to receive a total or partial exemption from property taxes on improvements for a specified number of years, with the goal of providing communities with a long-term increase or stabilization in the local tax base by encouraging new construction which might not otherwise occur.

Click below to access the Urban Revitalization Plan and see if you qualify


Tax Abatement Plan & Form

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