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Chiropractic - Wurth's Chiropractic (Dave) 712-376-2572
Chiropractic - Marcus Chiropractic (Steve Schachterle)  712-376-4185
Clinic - Cherokee Regional Clinic (affiliate: Cherokee Hospital) (click name for web-site) 712-376-4600
Clinic - Floyd Valley Healthcare (LeMars Hospital affiliate) (click name for web-site) 712-376-4181
Dental - Marcus Dental (click name for web-site)  712-376-2880
Eye - Marcus Eye Care 712-376-2100
Eye - Dr. Wendell Stoelting and Willow Street Optics (click name for web-site) 712-225-3822
Hospital - Cherokee Regional Medical Center, Cherokee (click name for web-site) 712-225-5101
Hospital - Floyd Valley Healthcare, LeMars (click name for web-site)  712-546-7871
Nursing Home - Heartland Care Center (Assisted and Skilled Care)  712-376-2500
Pharmacy - HyVee Pharmacy (click name for web-site)  712-376-2844
Assisted Residential Living - Village Northwest Unlimited  712-324-4873
Senior Living Guidance/Resources- Senior Guidance (click name for web-site) 
* Service providers colored in red are members of the Marcus Chamber.

Health Care Services


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